Media Orb Sponsoring Lee Haskins

Media Orb are proud to be sponsoring IBF World Bantamweight Lee Haskins who this Saturday will be defending his World Bantamweight title against Stuart Hall.

Lee Haskins is one of the most impressive sportsmen to ever grace boxing and this rematch will see Haskins defend his title for the second time. He won the belt with a spectacular sixth round knockout […]

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How do I create a Facebook Business Page?

Despite some of the negative press that Facebook receives, it’s still an absolute giant in the social media world. A Facebook business page is an excellent way to promote your business, network with others in your industry and run promotions and ads.

Below are the steps required to create a Facebook business page –

Create a Facebook account

If you don’t already […]

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Office Chair Survey 2014

Online Reality is an Ecommerce website specialising in Office, Café and Education furniture. Three months ago we launched our fully responsive website, giving you the optimum web browsing experience on any given device. Based in Somerset, we have been providing quality products to UK customers since 2004. Visit today. […]

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Apple releases web tool to deregister phone numbers from iMessage

Apple has quietly released a new tool to make switching between iOS and other smartphones a bit easier. The new web tool lets you instantly deregister your phone number from Apple’s iMessage system. The site, first spotted by a poster on Reddit, should solve the problem of disappearing text messages.

Many former iPhone users have reported for years that they were not receiving text […]

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Multi store websites

Smart online retailers know that in order to increase sales and brand awareness it’s necessary to sell through multiple channels. Whilst having your own website to sell from is always recommended, limiting your sales to it exclusively means you miss out on other opportunities. By selling through third party sites such as Amazon and eBay, you stand a much great […]

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Multi Channel Selling

When selling online, it’s always beneficial to have multiple channels to sell from. Whilst having your own website is always recommended, to narrow your sales opportunities At one time, multi channel selling consisted of just two options – having your own store and selling your products via catalogues. However this is no longer the case.

The internet has opened up a […]

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Chromecast vs Apple TV

They both do similar things, albeit in different ways. But which is the best: Chromecast or Apple TV? Mike investigates

Now that Google’s Chromecast and Apple TV have received a fair amount of updates in the UK since their respective releases, we take a look again at the two media streamers to see how they compare.
Design, Specs, and Compatibility
The most noticeable […]

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Facebook is working on an app that will let you hide your identity

Facebook is working on a new mobile app that will allow people to interact without having to use their real names.
According to sources close to the project who spoke to the New York Times on condition of (quite ironically) anonymity, the app moves away from Facebook’s encouragement of its users to share as much real information about themselves as possible.
Instead […]

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The latest Chromecast update adds more features for iOS users

Google has updated the Chromecast app for iOS with the “Backdrop” feature, which gives users more control over what appears on their screens.
Backdrop kicks in whenever Chromecast isn’t casting something specific, and now iOS users can use it to take the HDMI stick’s idle screen beyond the current time and featured photos.
Yes, Backdrop is about as exciting a feature as […]

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