Creating an engaging blog is a sure fire way to encourage and drive additional traffic to your website. This long-form content helps to create an online community and gives your potential customers much more than just sales-focused content. But what do you do what blog post ideas start to wane? It is vital that you stay consistent and it’s not unusual for writers block to hit when you least expect it. The great thing is there are numerous ways you can spark inspiration and get back to creating blogs that keep your audience coming back for more.


The blog posts you create should help customers and your target audience to solve their problems. Therefore, looking through your frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) is a brilliant place to find inspiration. Choose a question you get asked regularly and create a blog post that answers it creatively. Then, when your customer service team find themselves answering the same questions over and over again, they can begin directing people to your blog. The perfect way to increase traffic and show that you’re listening to your audience at all times.

Repurposing Old Content

This is a brilliant way of optimising on the past content you’ve created. Perhaps you created a style-focused blog around a specific colour. How about turning this into a series and focusing on the key colours of a season? Or, perhaps one of the questions you answered was about a certain room in the house? Create more pieces that talk about other areas around the home and make sure to link all blogs together. Alternatively, perhaps you created a short blog posts but feel it could be extended into a guide. Repurposing old content is a brilliant way of ensuring Google deems your website to be authentic and boosting SEO.

Local/industry news stories

Particularly powerful if you have a brick-and-mortar store or offer your products/services to a specific area, consider writing up an informative piece about a local event? This way you’ll be able to boost the use of specific keywords on your website and drive your SEO efforts. Additionally, it allows you to stay topical and relevant to your target audience.

Google’s ‘commonly searched terms

Have you ever seen the section at the bottom of a Google search page that lists suggested search terms? Not only is this helpful for the customer but also offers a wealth of blog topic options for your website. Type in the search term used for one of your most popular blogs and see what is suggested. There is a chance you’ll stumble across a topic that your target audience are interested in and one that will provide you with key content for your blog.

Trending Topics

Any avid Twitter users will know how addictive the trending topics section is. And here you have another avenue for finding engaging content. Equally, Google Trends will show you trending phrases overtime including those that are seasonal. These blog posts can be used within your yearly calendar, ensuring you stay relevant when it matters the most.

Blog content is vital for driving additional traffic and bringing customers back to your website. The team here at Media Orb can help you with Content Creation by suggesting engaging topics and creating blogs that work well for your business. Get in contact today to discuss your needs.