Facebook ads can be a great addition to your digital marketing strategy, boosting engagement and conversions at the same time while also being much cheaper than traditional PPC ads. There’re also a useful way to increase your Facebook reach, as algorithms reduce organic business page visibility in NewsFeed.

Facebook paid Ads give you access to a potential market of billions, whittling down all these people to the ones who are most likely to want your products or services thanks to strong demographic targeting options.

But the sheer amount of different types of ads can be a little overwhelming, we know. Read on to see the most popular types of Facebook paid ad and see how they could help your business.

Click to Website

If you want to boost engagement with your Facebook presence and encourage people to check out your website, Click to Website ads are perfect.

This ad type will prompt Facebook users to like your Facebook page – so make sure it’s up to date and features quality content – and then provide a click-through link to your business website. Click to Website ads are the perfect way to engage potential customers and then show them everything you have to offer.

Mobile News Feed Ads

This is one type of ad that has seen huge growth over the last couple of years and it is set to continue in that vein. With mobile internet shopping and browsing now overtaking computer usage, it’s vital to get your business into people’s mobile news feeds.

Presented as a simple ad, when the user clicks they are taken on what is billed as an ‘immersive experience’. Mobile news feed ads are a gateway to engagement, leading to canvas ads, which will now dive into.

Canvas Ads

The idea of a canvas ad is to showcase what you have to offer and to tell the story of your business. The idea behind this type of Facebook ad is to provide your business with all the means – text, videos and images – to form a bridge with potential customers.

They’re called ‘Canvas Ads’ because that’s what they give your business – a canvas with which to show – via content – just who you are and why a user should care. It’s your chance to showcase your brand and, if done in the right way, canvas ads can be very powerful.

Offer Claims

An efficient way to engage and motivate potential customers, offer claims enable you to feature a special promotion and have it appear in Facebook newsfeeds.

It’s a great way to entice new customers and provide some value at the same time, making it one of the easiest ways to boost engagement numbers in a short amount of time.

If you need advice or guidance on the types of paid Facebook Ads to use for your business, contact Media Orb today. We specialise in helping businesses make the most of their advertising, and can give your business the boost you’ve been seeking.