If you’ve ever found yourself with an SEO Penalty, you’ll know how damaging they can be to the success of your online business. And, for the majority of cases, these penalties have been issued for undertaking specific techniques that were once seen as beneficial to your online growth.

As Google continues to change and develop its algorithm, it constantly seeks to improve the quality of search engine results. Developments under the name of Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird have all been noted in the past and all released to help remove spam or low quality websites. Unfortunately for many businesses, this has meant that the activity that once saw them soar to the leading spots has now been deemed unauthentic. Therefore, your website is likely to have been penalised and pushed further down the search engine results.

Media Orb are here to help. We have a specialist team on hand to support you with SEO penalty removal. By following a number of different procedures, we can lift the red mark placed on you by past activity. In addition, we will show you the newly developed techniques that can see you improving SEO in a way deemed appropriate by Google.