The Media Orb team connected with Kingfisher Packaging during a conference at their offices. After discussing the scope of their requirements, we established that there was a real need to re-design their website to a higher standard, with the aim of improving the overall customer experience. We were able to advise the team that the development of a new website using PHP and HTML would produce a much more user-friendly design. This would hopefully improve traffic and business interest. Alongside this, it was agreed that their existing WordPress account needed developing to a more professional level. The team that managed this section of the business required additional WordPress training to ensure they were fully equipped for this role.

Description & Results

Working alongside the Kingfisher Packaging team, we were able to deliver on the key factors laid out in our initial and follow-on meetings. We created a new content layout design which guided the customer through each website page smoothly and improved the overall buyer experience. With a product-based focus, we edited the entirety of the content found on the website to create an informational hub with long-form editorial content and in-depth product information.

We worked closely with Kingfisher to promote high-quality, instructional and informative videos which were hosted on the website as well as through Youtube. These focused on the Kingfisher packaging machinery and how effective it was at wrapping a range of different products. The aim of this was to visually inform customers, increase engagement and link through social media as a form of traffic.

To drive direct engagement from potential customers and make the initial contact easier, we created a ‘Quote Request’ CTA that feeds through every single landing page. The colour chosen was on brand and bold enough to catch the eye of those interested as they scroll through the given content. Alongside this, the need to improve and increase their email list was flagged to us. In answer, we added a newsletter sign up bar CTA along the website footer.

The final website is now fully responsive and mobile friendly. It delivers clear information on any device, allows the customer to travel through with ease and stays on brand throughout.

As GDPR has come into force during our collaboration with Kingfisher Packaging, we performed all relevant work to ensure their website was fully compliant.