Here at Media Orb, we don’t just design beautiful and functional websites. We also have a dedicated support team on hand to help ensure you get the most out of your business.

For many companies, their website is a hub of activity, driving sales and leads. Therefore, any downtime or error messages can have a dramatic impact on results. Equally, the internet is constantly growing, developing to adapt to the modern world. And, it is important that your website keep up with this to ensure long-term success. This is where our dedicated support comes in. Media Orb lives online and we are constantly evolving our services to ensure they are as effective as possible. This allows us to help keep you online at all times.

Alongside our dedicated support services, we also offer website hosting support training. This allows you to fix and respond to common errors quickly. Using our wealth of experience from working with all types of clients, we have created a tailored training programme that ensures your employees are up-to-scratch with all the latest developments. No matter the size of your company, from small start-ups through to large corporations, we believe that the right training and support can help you keep your online community happy at all times of the day. We pass on all of our knowledge to you while continuing to offer the right support for your business when you need it the most.