Project Description

Greg Bedford the managing director of Euro Tubes commissioned the assistance, services and skills of Media Orb to design and develop a complete bespoke system.

Euro Tubes are the market leaders in their field and Greig was very conscious his website presence should reflect this as he was dealing in a global market and the internet was the best way to reach out to his client base. The skills and knowledge base of the Media Orb team was put to work as Greg was always striving to be top of his game and he wanted the website to be completely developed to work the way he wanted.

Along the bespoke eCommerce website that was provided to Greg the Media Orb team also developed a Project Management System from scratch to work with Euro Tubes internal work flo and processes. The Project management System not only helps the Euro Tube employees know at any one time at what stage is that respective job is and informs them of the next process it needs to take Greg can see how efficient his team are completing work. It will give Greg a great indication of where efficiency can be improved if needed with out ever having to compromise on the quality of the Euro Tube product.

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    • Bespoke Development
    • E-commerce Websites
    • Responsive Website
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