Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business.  Far too many people think of branding as the same as a logo design.  Whilst your company logo is obviously a key part of your brand, it is far from the only consideration.  A brand is essentially the perception that your customers, staff and shareholders have of your business.

With branding being such a vital part of your business, it is important to get it right.  This means working with a company who is experienced with creating brands for companies of all types.  This is where we excel at Media Orb.

Rebranding that Works

One of the key aspects to a successful rebrand is to understand its purpose.  Not all companies want to rebrand for the same reasons.  In some cases it is because there simply was not an adequate budget for branding initially and the brand needs to be improved.  Other times it is due to the fact that a company wants to reposition itself in the market and attract new customers.

Whatever the reason for the rebrand, we can ensure that your new brand will give the best impression possible of your business and that it will help your business to stand out from competitors.

Asking the Questions that Matter

At Media Orb, we truly appreciate how important it is to ask the right questions initially.  This is why we work closely with businesses to find out exactly what their purpose for the rebrand is and what they hope to accomplish with their new brand.

Some of the questions we ask include –

  1. What is the purpose of the rebrand?
  2. What image to do you want to convey to customers?
  3. Is the business targeting new customers?  If so, who are these customers?
  4. Are there any aspects of the original design that should be retained?

If you would like us to rebrand your business then we will love to hear from you.  Our team of talented designers and marketers approach every project with passion and professionalism to ensure you get the best results possible for your business.