Amazon and eBay are two of the most popular eCommerce platforms for businesses all over the world. They are easy-to-set-up, simple for the novice online creator to use and accessible to a very wide audience (150.6 million mobile users accessed Amazon in September 2019 and there are 182 million eBay users worldwide). So, it’s no surprise that when we work with businesses that have already built up a solid eCommerce following, they’re keen to find a way to seamlessly integrate both/either platform into a new website. At Media Orb, we can help you do just that, seamlessly integrating your chosen channel into your new online presence. And, this guide will explain the benefits of this.

Why Sell On Amazon or eBay?

There are many benefits in using an eCommerce system that already supports small business owners. Many people choose to sell on Amazon or eBay because:

  • Large and continually-growing user numbers.
  • ‘Easy’ way to get started.
  • Built-in customer database that minimises the need for excessive marketing.
  • Potential to Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).
  • Good customer support.
  • Large network of affiliates to direct custom your way.
  • Multiple pricing options (fixed price listings & auction listings).
  • Already established trust factor.
  • Good for SEO.

Why Create A Stand-Alone Website?

You may have seen good success off your Amazon and eBay platforms. These multi-million-pound businesses help to drive high levels of traffic to their users all year round. And, many businesses start out with these platforms before moving on as their business grows. So, when and why should you consider creating a stand-along website and integrating these eCommerce platforms in?


  • More freedom: Amazon and eBay sites are restricted to the amount of personalisation a user can do. Having a website gives you greater freedom, from layout through to additional features.
  • Supports business growth: If you’re looking to branch into different fields or expand your business, a stand-alone website affords you this flexibility.
  • Ability to go multi-channel: Having your website and products available on numerous sites increases the number of touch-points and the potential for sales.
  • Helps with SEO: Again, having your products and brand in more reputable spaces online will boost online traffic and support your SEO efforts.
  • Build a stronger fan base: Customers who see your business as an Amazon/eBay seller and an individual company will be able to build a deeper level of trust.


  • When your business outgrows eBay or Amazon.
  • When you’re looking to achieve more from your online activity.
  • When you want to expand.
  • When your key competitors begin to grow.
  • Or, in an attempt to overstep the competition.

How To Integrate Your Website With Amazon Or eBay


In this configuration, the website hosting platform will ‘talk’ directly with your Amazon page. eCommerce extensions are used to create a streamlined link of communication which allows sales to be made through the website but via Amazon. Point-to-point solutions are:

  • Inexpensive (in the short term).
  • Quick to set up.
  • Simple architecture.

In contrast, point-to-point integrations also have drawbacks which include:

  • Limited functionality.
  • More complex data management.


Multichannel integrations are separate from Amazon/eBay and can be used to integrate multiple sales channels. They are scalable, acting as a third-party and normally cloud-based for practicality. Multichannel solutions are:

  • More cost-effective over the long-term.
  • Doesn’t charge for transactions.
  • More scalable than point-to-point, allowing your business to grow.
  • Able to produce clean product data for analysis.
  • Can be used for more than just Amazon and eBay, suitable for expanding into many different channels in the future.
  • Can integrate back-end processes and brick-and-mortar stores.
  • Can be used to simplify processes such as supply chain and fulfilment processes.

In contrast, multichannel integration solutions can also be:

  • More expensive upfront.
  • More labour-intensive to set-up.
  • More complex with additional systems you need to understand and use.

Things To Consider When Integrating Amazon Or eBay Into Your Standalone Website

If you’re looking to succeed online, you’ll need to pay close attention to your brand. When selling on Amazon or eBay, it’s easy to forgo name/colour/tone-of-voice with their well-structured search system. Customers rarely need to differentiate between companies – they are searching for a specific product. Consider what makes your business different from the competitors. What colours do you want to use to streamline your content? How do you want to talk to your customers? How do you build a name that customers ask for you directly and come back to again and again?

When designing your standalone website, make sure the branding stays consistent at all tiles. Use it across your website, throughout any Amazon/eBay communications and across your social media too.


When you decide to make a standalone website, you give yourself greater freedom in terms of design. A good website developer will be able to work alongside your practical needs and your branding to bring you a page that looks beautiful. Consider what your main CTAs (Calls-To-Action / actions you want a user to make on each page) and make sure they’re clear.

Use high-quality and relative imagery and pair this with equally valuable written content. You also need to make sure the eCommerce element of your website is streamlined and easy for customers to use. An experienced developer will be able to work this into the structure of the site, ensuring there are no hiccups along the way.

Website Design

With a standalone website, you’ll likely have to take a more proactive approach to marketing. You want to reach the right audience and, perhaps, those who aren’t already shopping on Amazon or eBay. Use all the knowledge you’ve already built from your time selling online to understand what products your customers want and how you can promote these. Make sure to use high-quality and unique images where possible – this will help you to stand out from the competition.


Also, consider using your existing Amazon/eBay store and customer base to direct people to your new website. Good marketing will mean your site gets promoted through word-of-mouth as well.

Here at Media Orb, we can help you create a seamlessly integrated website that utilises your existing success on Amazon or eBay. Get in contact today to learn how you can begin to scale your business with our help.

A Guide To Amazon & eBay Integration