For any ecommerce business, the power of Amazon and Ebay cannot be ignored. These multi-million pound businesses play host to thousands of businesses and drive high levels of traffic all year round.

The large customer base offers by the collective makes them an invaluable choice for your own product range. Indeed, many business owners and online businesses start out on Amazon or Ebay before launching their own tailored website. These platforms offer highly customisable stores that can be structured to drive sales and have in-built advertising options. However, when it comes to launching an independent ecommerce website, the team at Media Orb are on hand to offer vital and experienced support.

Becoming a multi-channel business and selling across numerous channels offers a host of benefits. The heightened exposure across the Internet is sure to increase sales by helping you to rank higher for SEO on Google and other key search engines. Additionally, having your brand out there on numerous platforms will help to improve brand recognition and your perceived corporate identity. To be truly effective when selling across multiple avenues, it is important that you integrate them as much as possible.

We specialise in creating ecommerce websites that integrate seamlessly with channels such as Amazon and Ebay. This allows you to carry across existing customers, build a stronger fan base and expand the scope of your business with ease. At every stage, your website will look and feel like an extension of your existing selling site – ensuring your customer journey stays smooth and effective at every stage.