WordPress Development

wordpressWordPress is by far the most popular Content Management System (CMS) in the world. A huge number of websites are powered by WordPress, from blogs and news sites to software companies and online retailers. A big part of what makes WordPress so popular is how versatile it is. Because it’s an open source platform, there are countless developers who are creating plug-ins and themes for WordPress all the time.

Why custom WordPress development?

With the huge amount of already existing WordPress themes on the market, you might wonder why you’d need to have a custom WordPress website developed.

Whilst there are themes to suit almost any type of business for WordPress, the truth is that almost every theme out there is going to have at least a few other businesses who are already using it. For popular themes, it’s not unusual for thousands, or even tens of thousands of other sites to be using them. Therefore if you want to have something that’s truly unique to your business, then a custom development is the way to go.

Custom WordPress development isn’t just good for creating a unique look for your website however. It’s also useful to get the highest level of functionality. WordPress has a reputation for being easy to customise but this is only partly true. Each theme tends to work in a slightly different way so if you’re very particular about how your want your site to look then you might find that it’s tricky to accomplish that without knowledge of coding languages.

Some of the benefits that come from having a custom WordPress site developed include :-

  • A completely unique website for your business
  • Better integration with other platforms
  • All the features you want
  • Highly SEO optimised

A better experience for you and your visitors

Whilst the admin panel of WordPress is fairly easy to navigate, things can get more complicated when you want to add a lot of extra functionality to your site. Conflicting plug-ins can be a big issue with WordPress so it’s invaluable to have your website set up with all the features you want from the start without having to worry about any compatibility issues.

User experience is another incredibly important part of your website. If your website looks great but doesn’t function well then it’s going to turn potential customers away. Our custom WordPress development will ensure that your website functions perfectly across all browsers and is optimised for use on every type of device.

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