For many local businesses with a physical location, getting the most out of SEO means going beyond the usual methods and techniques. Ensuring your business appears in local listings is a gateway to more business and, overall, a healthier bottom line.

Failing to properly optimise for local SEO means missing out on local business that is just out there and searching for your products or services. In order to get your business in front of as many local potential customers as possible, read on.

Link Signals

In simple terms, ‘link signals’ are inbound links to your business website. There are a few things to consider when trying to get link signals right and the benefit is improved local visibility.

Link authority is one area you will want to consider. Good quality inbound links from leading, trusted sites are worth their weight in gold. If these come from a good site that is in your sector, then that’s even more valuable. You also need to think about the quantity of inbound links that you build. While it is harder for local websites to get premium inbound links (from a national newspaper say) it is possible to get a good quality, relevant link from an authorative source in your own area (such as a local newspaper or other local business).

Google My Business

When you register and create your business profile with Google My Business, your business listing will appear more readily in Google Maps.

Verify things like your business address and category, as Google uses these when assessing how close your business is to a potential customer and whether or not to include you as a search result. Be sure to fill in all information accurately and in full and add images, videos and opening hours plus telephone number, web address and email.

On-Page Optimisation

The content on your web pages also plays a big role in local SEO listings, so you need to be sure every page on your site has certain information.

Your business name, address and contact details should be on every page of your site, no matter what. This is vital in ensuring Google knows exactly where your business is and who to show it to. Additionally, you will need to use certain defined keywords and phrases throughout the content on your pages – but don’t go overboard! If you have more than one local location, create a targeted page for each area.

Getting these points right will mean much more accurate – and effective- local SEO listings, and provide huge boosts to your business.


Reviews are an incredibly important local ranking factor – with research showing that more than eight in ten local consumers trust reviews as much as they would a personal recommendation when looking for a local business. You’ll need to be pro-active about reputation management, quickly respond to reviews both positive and negative, and take steps to encourage a steady flow of new reviews often.

If you need help boosting your local SEO rankings, contact Media Orb today. We can provide the insight and the guidance to boost your rankings and connect with local customers.