Website Design

At Media Orb we believe in great web design. That means our designs are not only beautiful but also built for perfect functionality across all browsers and devices. Our team has years of experience in creating websites for businesses of all sizes, from local start ups to large corporations. We treat every project with the same degree of care, regardless of the size of the budget.

Because our clients often have a range of objectives they want to achieve with their website, it’s not unusual for us to assign a team of designers who are able to contribute their own specific set of skills and expertise to ensure the best possible results.

We’re able to tackle any sort of website design at Media Orb. Below are some of the types of designs we’re able to provide –

Ecommerce Websites

Where the high street has suffered something of a collapse in the last few years, online business continues to thrive. Consumers love the convenience of online shopping and its popularity is only going to grow in the future.

We’ve designed numerous ecommerce sites for our clients over the years and understand that a successful ecommerce website must combine an excellent user experience with comprehensive security measures.

Bespoke CMS Websites

Content Management Systems such as WordPress have revolutionised how websites are created and managed. They allow those without a high degree of technical knowledge to easily edit and manage the content on their site. This is especially useful for businesses where time is scarce and technical issues can be cut down to a minimum.

Because of the ease of use that a CMS brings,  we offer our clients a completely customised solution that’s tailored to their needs and makes the maintenance of a website a breeze.

Responsive Web Design

In 2014, responsive web design isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. So many web users now access the internet via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets so having a website that’s optimised for every screen size is vital. Our websites are built from the ground up to create an end user experience that’s second-to-none.