With video content becoming so powerful and widely-used, some businesses make the false assumption that email marketing no longer has much relevance. And, even if it does, it’s not worth any kind of concerted effort. But this just isn’t so.

For example, recent figures show that 80-percent of retail professionals say email marketing is the single biggest driver of customer retention they have, and 77-percent of people prefer permission-based promo emails to those sent by social media or mobile device. This underlines why getting email marketing right is so important.

Unresponsive Design

Email marketing, just like video, visual and text content, needs to be responsive. People are now more likely to check their email via a mobile device and your email marketing materials need to designed to meet these advancements.

You can have the best-written content in the world, but if it looks squashed, bare or unappealing it won’t matter. This is why it’s essential to prioritise a responsive design and ensure your emails look good on a small screen.

Generic Messages

The modern internet and online experience is all about personalisation. If you send the same messages to the same contacts over and over again, it’s likely your email marketing will hit a brick wall.

Using analytics software to divide your email contacts into specific groups is the key here. When people receive a marketing email that appeals to them and their interests, it will naturally pique their curiosity and that means more conversions for your business.

Selling Too Hard

It’s understandable that you want to promote what your business has to offer – that’s the name of the game. But sometimes being too promotional and trying to sell too hard can have the exact opposite effect of the one you intended.

Modern internet users are very savvy and, as we saw above, desire some form of reciprocal relationship with a brand or business. Nothing will turn a potential customer off more quickly than feeling like they are being bombarded with overpowering, ‘selly’ emails.

Not Tracking Results

When rolling out a new product or service, a good business will closely track the success of marketing, conversions, expressed interest and a host of other factors. For some reason, this often goes out the window when it comes to tracking the results of email marketing campaigns.

Doing this gives you valuable insight that you can quantify to see what works and what doesn’t. Then you can eradicate the campaigns that don’t work and push on with the ones that deliver results.

If your business needs help with email marketing, get in touch with Media Orb today. Our experienced and friendly staff can help you develop an email marketing campaign that brings the best results and puts your business in a position to succeed long-term.