With a world that is constantly online, having a customer-focused website design is vital to the success of any ecommerce business. Today, responsive website design isn’t just a luxury; it’s a necessity. For many businesses, the majority of their online interactions with customers don’t happen via computers or laptops anymore.

More and more people access the Internet and make purchases via their mobile phones and tablets. Therefore, it is vital that your ecommerce website be fully responsive – changing to suit the device on hand.

Here at Media Orb, we design modern and intuitive websites that do just this. Every project we work on is built on the basis of optimisation, ensuring that your ecommerce website can be seen fully on every screen size. To do this, we build our sites from the ground up, creating a tailored experience that is second-to-none. In addition, our teams put the visual identity of your brand at the height of importance. At every stage, we integrate your corporate look with your website, placing your logo and key messages at the optimal positions. Equally, we build pages to keep customers on your website and drive them towards making a purchase. Every website designed and developed by the Media Orb team is done to help your business thrive and support your digital marketing efforts fluidly.