Ecommerce is huge business.  You only need to look at the staggering growth of Amazon to realise this.  It is not hard to understand why ecommerce has taken off like it has either.  Convenience is everything nowadays, which is why so many people prefer online shopping to the traditional High Street experience.

To truly take advantage of the booming ecommerce industry, you do not only need great products to sell but also a website that is engaging and easy to navigate.  At Media Orb, we specialise in creating great websites that are built to function across all browsers and devices creating a seamless experience for your customers.  Ecommerce websites are different from other types of sites in that they must not only function well but also have excellent security measures in place, not only for the peace of mind of your customers but also your own.  We do not only create great websites at Media Orb.  We have helped numerous businesses with branding, online marketing and printing.  By combining these services we’re able to offer our clients an integrated experience that helps their business stand out in a crowded marketplace.  We also offer a website maintenance service that includes product listing, product editing and blog content creation. Many of our customers take advantage of this service as it allows them to focus on the real world aspects of the business such as product fulfilment.