Email marketing is one of the most essential parts of any online business. It gives you a unique form of communication with your customers and one that can be more successful with specific target audiences. Not only is email marketing low cost, it gives you the opportunity to reach an audience that is already showing an interest in your products.

You have the freedom to tailor your messages and ensure they are highly targeted for heightened success and can get started in no time at all. It is increasingly easy for anybody to sign up for an email address through third party providers and start creating marketing collateral for emails. However, when running a business, you will undoubtedly have specific requirements that require the support of a dedicated hosting service.

What is email hosting?

In short, email hosting is an online service whereby a provider ‘rents’ out email servers to its users. There are many free versions available online. However, when it comes to strengthening your brand name and marketing activity, having a personalised and flexible hosting provider is essential. Media Orb offer an email hosting service with 3 unique packages, each one tailored to suit your needs. We ensure your email hosting is attached to your existing domain, giving your business a professional touch.

Why should I pay for an email hosting provider?

As a business, there will be times when you deal with sensitive information. Invoices, bills, client information – all of the information provided here is sensitive and should be treated as such. Email hosting providers offer a secure service that includes various services such as firewall protection, SSL encryption and antivirus filtering to keep unauthorized users out. As your business grows and emails start flowing in higher volumes, our email hosting service can be scaled up to meet your needs. In line with this, we offer professional email hosting Microsoft Exchange, allowing you to do more than just messaging. With this programme, we can help you implement processes that allow you to schedule meetings with other colleagues and share materials such as important files and calendars with each other.

How much storage can you provide?

We understand that your business is constantly growing and evolving. That’s why we can provide mailboxes with up to 100GB in storage. This can be scaled up or down to suit your requirements at any time and all without needing to worry about the technicalities. If you choose one of our paid packages, you will also be able to receive email attachments of up to 50mb each.

Media Orb offer affordable and reliable email hosting for clients of all different sizes. We strive to provide a seamless service which minimises downtime and allows you to communicate within your business and to your customers with ease. If you would like more information or to discuss your individual requirements, get in contact with the team here today.