Email Hosting

3266520_origEmail is an essential part of any online business. Whilst anyone can get an email address through the many third party providers, when running a business you’ll almost certainly have specific requirements for your email accounts that dedicated hosting is able to provide.

Media Orb are able to offer an email hosting service that’s tailored to your needs and across our 3 packages, you’ll be able to find a solution that’s perfect for your business. Having dedicated email hosting that’s attached to your domain gives your business a professional touch and you don’t have to worry about downtimes that third part services often suffer from.

We offer professional email hosting through Microsoft Exchange and have had years of experience using the platform which is why we’re one of its biggest providers. We able to provide mailboxes with up to 100GB storage and all of our packages come with premium anti-spam and anti-virus security measures in place.

Of course all addresses are connected to your domain name and you’re able to access your email accounts from anywhere. There is daily backup of your emails so you never have to worry about losing sensitive information by mistake. Also included are shared contacts and calendars and our paid packages enable you to receive email attachments of up to 50mb.

You can see the full details of our email hosting packages below.


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  • FREE with Any Hosting
    At Media Orb we believe all of our customers require a little help from time to time so we offer 30 minutes FREE support every month. This includes the following:
  • 1GB Mail Boxes
  • Pop/Imap Connections
  • Premium Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus
  • Daily Backup
  • Shared Webmail Contacts
  • Shared Webmail Calendars
  • Distribution Lists
  • Notes & Tasks


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  • £9.99 Per Month Per Mailbox
    Say yes to Exchange and no to the cost and headaches of managing it. Our support specialists have years of experience managing and hosting Microsoft Exchange. Our deep Microsoft hosting knowledge is just one of the reasons why we are a leading Exchange provider.
  • 100GB mailboxes
  • Secure Pop/Imap Connections
  • Migration Service
  • Premium Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus
  • SSL encryption hides data during transmission
  • Daily Backup & Retrieval
  • Receive 50mb attachments
  • Shared Contacts
  • Shared Calendars
  • Public Folders
  • Activesync Compatibility
  • Blackberry Compatibility
  • Resource Mailboxes
  • Distribution Lists
  • Notes & Tasks
  • Send-As permissions
  • Outlook Web Apps (OWA)