Amazon & Ebay Integration

Amazon-EBay-Store-Integration-DevelopmentWhen you’re buying and selling online, it’s impossible to ignore the potential of using Amazon and Ebay. They have a huge customer base between them and provide an invaluable way for new businesses to get their feet wet in the online marketplace.

A lot of online businesses will in fact start selling on Amazon and Ebay before opening a website. By selling across multiple platforms you can not only increase sales but also improve brand recognition. To be truly effective selling across multiple platforms you should integrate them as much as possible.

At Media Orb, we specialise in creating ecommerce websites that integrate other selling channels such as Amazon and Ebay. This means that your customers are aware of all facets of your business.

Cross Promotion

A big part of properly integrating Amazon and Ebay into your online business is cross promotion. When someone buys something from you on Ebay or Amazon you want them to be aware that you also have a website. Including a business card with orders that has your Ebay and Amazon channels on it is a great way to make new customers aware of your website.

Of course you don’t just want customers from other channels to visit your website but also order. Offering customers an incentive to order again is an excellent way to achieve this. Providing a discount code for future purchases is one way to do this that’s very effective.

Integration Services

Media Orb offer an excellent Amazon & Ebay integration service. We’re able to create custom Ebay templates that are branded to fit your business. We’re also able to create ecommerce websites that enable you to display your Ebay and Amazon listings.

If you’d like more information about our Amazon & Ebay integration service then get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss how we can help you to grow your business.