Tablet and smartphone e-commerce is worth £1.1 billion per year

Tablet and smartphone e-commerce is worth £1.1 billion per year

Using a computer today is all about immediacy. We want results fast and we want data and services in the palm of our hand. This is why connected mobile devices are such a massive game changer for the way we all use computing power to shape everyday life.

If you consider the fact that two-fifths of UK adults say their phone is the most important device for accessing the web, you can see why the mobile channel or ‘m-commerce’ obviously represents a huge opportunity for retailers, with websites and the mobile internet crucial to its exploitation.

So the mobile web is the “first” web for many of us. This is why we have focused on this area to bring you our latest retail study that focuses on impulse buying behaviour of smartphone and tablet owners.

The Internet has fundamentally changed. What was once a flat “brochure” of pages became a more dynamic “catalogue” of information and this in turn then evolved into an “interactive shop” and this transition is what now defines the current state of the commercial web.

Rackspace’s insight into this new commercial web shows that 48 per cent of consumers who use mobile devices to make purchases online buy things on impulse more now as a result of having the technology at their disposal. In total, we estimate that this extra spend amounts to £1.1 billion each year. When you consider that this amount is generated by only 19% of smartphone and tablet owners, and these devices are becoming increasingly popular, the opportunity for retailers is clear.

Where we go next will depend not just on accessibility, ease of use and connectivity, but also security and privacy as these are concerns holding some users back. Over half of all respondents are wary of, or uncomfortable with, storing their credit card details online, and nearly a quarter are concerned that retailers will share their details with others.

So it’s case of “show and tell” here and retailers need to get practical in terms of the way they educate online shoppers. We can help by providing cloud and managed hosting services to enable, among other things, a seamless mobile shopping experience. Further though, we sit in a privileged position of higher level insight as a service provider to many. We can see where the e-retail market is growing and can feel the surge of demand that comes from consumers where the right solutions are presented to the right people at the right price.

How we develop and capitalise upon these new online opportunities is down to all of us, so let’s go shopping!

Rackspace study - Putting the impulse into m-commerce
Infographic by Rackspace

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