SEO Penalty Removal

In the last few years, Google has made major changes to its algorithm. These have come under a variety of names, including Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird. Whilst each of these changes have been different in some way, they were all implemented to improve the quality of search results by removing any spam or low quality websites.

Unfortunately, these changes have had a knock-on effect that’s caused havoc to countless online businesses. Techniques that used to improve your rankings in Google have now caused your website to be penalised and pushed further down the search results. If this sounds familiar then we’re here to help.

Getting your website back on top

As frustrating as your site being penalised by Google may be, the good news is it isn’t permanent. In the vast majority of cases, the reason for websites being punished is because they have a lot of questionable links pointing to them. This is usually as a result of old SEO that was done for your site.

Getting your SEO penalty removed is a two step process. First, a thorough analysis of your website must be carried out to see which links are pointing to it. The second step is to remove these harmful links through the use of Google’s Disavow Tool. The process of penalty removal is one that must be done with a lot of consideration to yield the best results. Once the harmful links have been removed, you can then focus on establishing your site without any worry of it being penalised.

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