Email is an essential part of any online business.  Whilst anyone can get an email address through the many third party providers, when running a business you will almost certainly have specific requirements for your email accounts that dedicated hosting is able to provide.


Media Orb are able to offer an email hosting service that is tailored to your needs and across our 3 packages, you will be able to find a solution that’s perfect for your business.  Having dedicated email hosting that is attached to your domain gives your business a professional touch and you do not have to worry about downtimes that third party services often suffer from.

We offer professional email hosting through Microsoft Exchange and have had years of experience using the platform which is why we’re one of its biggest providers.  We are able to provide mailboxes with up to 100GB storage and all of our packages come with premium anti-spam and anti-virus security measures in place.

Of course all addresses are connected to your domain name and you are able to access your email accounts from anywhere.  There is daily backup of your emails so you never have to worry about losing sensitive information by mistake.  Also included are shared contacts and calendars and our paid packages enable you to receive email attachments of up to 50mb.