Multi store websites

Multi store websites

Smart online retailers know that in order to increase sales and brand awareness it’s necessary to sell through multiple channels. Whilst having your own website to sell from is always recommended, limiting your sales to it exclusively means you miss out on other opportunities. By selling through third party sites such as Amazon and eBay, you stand a much great chance of success.

Whilst multi channel selling can be hugely beneficial for online retailers, it can be a challenge to manage multiple sales platforms if you don’t have an integrated system in place. This is where multi store websites come in. A multi store eCommerce website will enable you to manage multiple store fronts from a single admin panel.

The benefits of a multi store website

  • Easier management – This is by far the biggest reason to have a multi store website. Managing different sales platforms can be very time consuming so being able to manage them all from a single interface is a huge benefit that will save you a lot of time and money. A multi store website also makes it much easier to list new products and edit product details.
  • Full integration – A good multi store website will give you the ability to integrate all of your sales platforms, including Amazon and eBay stores. This means that customers can purchase through your website and still checkout using a service they’re comfortable with.
  • Better data collection – Because you’re able to manage all your store fronts through your website, you have access to much more customer data. This is incredibly beneficial when you’re creating marketing strategies for your business since you’ll know what the buying habits of your customers are.
  • Improve brand awareness – Being able to integrate all your sales platforms creates a much stronger image for your brand. For example, if you sell on Amazon and eBay, customers who buy from your website exclusively might not be aware of this. Having all your storefronts displayed on your website therefore creates a much stronger awareness of your brand across multiple platforms.

Multi store web design

If you want to have all your websites combined into one easy-to-manage solution then the best way to achieve this is by having a bespoke website created that comes with a custom built admin panel that will enable you to manage all your storefronts in one place. By having your website built from scratch, you can ensure that it has all the functionality you desire whilst still getting the look want.

At Media Orb, we offer a comprehensive multi store web design service that enables you to manage all your stores quickly and easily. Our team of talented designer and programmers can build your site to your specifications and provide a range of marketing services to help you attract customers from all over the globe.

If you’d like us to create a multi store website for your business then get in touch for more details and we’ll be happy to help.

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