Google can now find your phone!

Google can now find your phone!

Google can now find your phone – and yes, even when it is on silent.

How many times have you dropped your phone under the car seat and not realised? How many times do you have to take the sofa cushions off to find it down the side of the sofa? And all because of the fact you left it on silent? Well, the search is over. If you can find your computer, then you’re in luck.

Just head over to Google and search for “find my phone”. This will bring something that looks like this:

find my phone

As you can see, My phone’s in the middle of the road. Well, close to it. Not only is the tool accurate, you can find multiple phones signed into the same Google account, and you can even ring your phone. Even if it’s on silent, it will make sure that it’s making a lot of noise, in fact, it rings on full volume for five minutes, or at least until you press the power button.

The only requirement that it needs is for your phone to have the latest Google app installed on your device and you’re away. The map feature is quite good too, since you might have lost it in a bar last night, or at a mates house. If you think it’s been stolen, you have the option to lock or wipe it completely.

So, a great new feature to the Android Device Manager, what do you think?

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