Corporate Identity

At Media Orb, we have great experience in creating corporate identities for all types of businesses. When creating a an identify for your business, we don't just think about aesthetics but also what the values of your company are and how this can be best reflected.

To create a successful corporate identity, it's important to understand how each facet of your business communicates something to the outside world. It isn't just your logo design and stationary that's involved in your corporate identity but everything from your building to your slogans and uniforms. Each small thing will help people to form an overall impression of your business.

Helping your business stand out

Media Orb specialise in helping businesses to create a corporate identity that helps them stand out in their industry. Our talented team of designers and marketers will look at what makes your business tick and create a brand that's a true reflection of who you are and what you do.

Below are some of the most important areas of creating a great corporate identity -

  • Colours - The colours used for your brand are incredibly important. Colours communicate a lot about your business, so we spend a lot time in deciding on a colour scheme that fits your business perfectly.
  • Logo Design – Logo design is another vital part of corporate identity to get right. When it comes to creating logos, our philosophy is to create something that's unique, memorable and appropriate to your business.
  • Slogans – Company slogans are unique in that they present are rare opportunity to communicate something about your business with words through your branding. We can help you create a great impression for your business by using the right words.

Get in touch

If you'd like Media Orb to create a corporate identity for your business then don't hesitate to get in touch.