Email For Ecommerce: Marketing Emails

Email has always been a simple medium for one-way marketing communication to your customers. For ecommerce shops, it was a way to blast into the inboxes of customers and potential customers with the push of a button.

And then spam filters started to recognize the patterns and relegate marketing email to the spam abyss. Still, email remains a key medium for […]

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Tablet and smartphone e-commerce is worth £1.1 billion per year

Using a computer today is all about immediacy. We want results fast and we want data and services in the palm of our hand. This is why connected mobile devices are such a massive game changer for the way we all use computing power to shape everyday life.

If you consider the fact that two-fifths of UK adults say their phone […]

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7 Web design disasters that drive people crazy

While working on an article about responsive design, I realized how frustrating it is when companies design for a desktop only experience. I use a laptop for much of my Web browsing, but when I’m on the go it drives me nuts when there is a poor mobile experience.

This got me thinking about some of the other UX blunders that […]

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Google contact lenses: Tech giant licenses smart contact lens technology

Google’s smart contact lenses technology is one step closer to reality, with the US company announcing this morning that it has partnered with Swiss pharmaceutical firm Novartis to develop it.

The lenses were first unveiled this January and use sensors sandwiched between two soft layers to measure the glucose levels in the wearer’s tears, transmitting this information wirelessly to connected smartphones.

Google […]

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Microsoft to slash 18,000 jobs in deepest cuts in tech giant’s history

Microsoft will cut up to 18,000 jobs over the next year as it absorbs its newly acquired Nokia phone business, the company announced on Thursday.

The cuts amount to 14% of Microsoft’s global workforce, and represent the deepest in the tech giant’s 39-year history. They come five months into the tenure of chief executive officer Satya Nadella, who outlined plans for […]

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Responsive Web Design v Mobile Websites

Responsive Websites Vs Mobile Websites
When you’re having a website developed, it’s vital that you think of the experience for mobile users. Nowadays, responsive websites are a necessity rather than just something to consider. With so many people now using smartphones and tablets to access the internet, it would be a huge mistake not to provide an optimised experience for […]

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Netflix vs. LoveFilm vs. Now TV vs. Blinkbox

Now that Tesco’s big investment in Blinkbox is finally paying off, ramped up its content and being pushed out to more devices, it’s time to have a look at what we can actually get from the PAYG-only service, and compare it to what our original streamers, LoveFilm, Netflix and Now TV, are currently offering.
On the face of it, when we’re […]

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Why is my Facebook timeline photo / cover blurry?

Media Orb’s guide to great quality Facebook Timeline covers
With the compulsory introduction of Facebook’s timeline, it has become very important to have a great Facebook timeline cover, as this is the first thing anyone viewing a profile will notice; in order to minimise bandwidth however, Facebook’s developers have been pretty heavy-handed with timeline photo compression which means that, without the […]

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What is a Domain Name?

A domain name locates an organization or other entity on the Internet. For example, the domain name locates an Internet address for “” at Internet point and a particular host server named “www”. The “com” part of the domain name reflects the purpose of the organization or entity (in this example, “commercial”) and is called the top-level domain […]

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Which domain name should I buy?

There are no restrictions on registering either .com or domains .You could register a .com domain or domain or indeed both (many people do!).

The choice is really down to your preference – .com is often seen as “International” whereas is seen as “UK only” but it depends on the target market.

If you mainly deal with companies in […]

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